Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a positive learning experience where the horse is an active participant.

No prior horse riding or animal management experience is needed.

EAL uses horses to provide immediate feedback to people’s behaviours. Horses provide a quick, honest response to actions and behaviours, allowing the person to have a deeper understanding how their behaviour affects others.

EAL has many proven mental health and wellbeing benefits.

Stable Routes allows children and adults to explore their interests in a quiet, safe environment within the great outdoors.

Stable Routes is a small scale CIC, offering sessions that are either 1:1 or 2:1. This makes us accessible to children and adults who struggle to participate in larger scale organisations.

Our facilitator has taught in special schools for 6 years and has lots of training and experience working with people with additional needs. 

Stable Routes provides a space for people to follow their interests whilst developing:

– communication

– social skills

– fine and gross motor skills

– emotional awareness

– confidence and self esteem

– mental wellbeing

– life skills

– understanding of the world around them

– coordination

– sensory regulation

– and other areas of development inline with personal goals and EHCP target

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